Friday, July 15, 2011

how it went down......

we arrived to the hospital early friday {july 8th} morning. i was admitted and started....
the contractions came......

He was great support!
numb toes~ AMAZING!

the dr came in at 3:50 and everything happened SO FAST!

she was born at 4:14pm
{fun sidenote~mccoy was born at 4:15 on friday may 8th. paisley friday july 8th @4:14}

getting cleaned up and checked out.....

paisley weighed in at 7 lbs 2 oz

20.5 inches


instantly in LOVE

making me laugh almost immediately :)


Sarah said...

You look way too good for just giving birth! :) You are so good to take all those pictures, I'm horrible with that. Love it when they are so new!

Chelsea said...

She is so cute!
Congrats to you guys :)
I love that picture of you and Shawn holding sweet!
I want to come see you guys.